Powders for diamond tools

Powders for thermal & cold spraying

Special alloys

Powders for braking pads


MBN produces a new generation of materials called ”nanostructured”, which show superior physical and mechanical properties. To achieve these targets, an internal excellent research and development department, sustains MBN activities. Every day, MBN activities are focused on:

  • exploring a wide range of material research branch, in order to acquire knowledge from many industrial and academic fields
  • favoring fruitful cooperation with customers on product development, transferring material science into suitable products for the market
  • promoting new product concepts in the attempt to develop even more user friendly and safer materials

Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying is a technology employed to coat or to restore surfaces of mechanical components, applying a solid layer of a “special” materials necessary to preserve surfaces, like:

  • resistance to wear and erosion
  • resistance to corrosion/chemical agents
  • resistance to high temperature
  • resistance to impacts

or to confer specific characteristics and functionalities, like:

  • self lubricity
  • thermal insulation
  • high or low friction characteristics
  • electrical or thermal conductivity

Thanks to our knowledge on materials we can propose innovative solutions for this application field.

Pilot Production

Our typical customers are companies that, through traditional or innovative manufacturing technologies, transform our powders into mechanical components or surface coatings with improved performance.

MBN Nanomaterialia, which has always been a company focused on customer needs through the development of customized materials, is also able to support its customers keeping available its processing and compacting equipment for small production cycles. Products with unique characteristics and properties, innovative formulations, metal matrix composite structures and special alloys can be verified and validated from both the technical and the market point of view.

Markets & Technologies

MBN is involved in EC funded R&D projects that are contributing to expand the collaboration network with companies and research centre supporting the study of novel materials and the industrial innovation of advanced production processes.

The main areas of development are in the Additive Manufacturing field where MBN is developing micro laser sintering deposition process and materials with the spin off company Manudirect srl, the Energy sector to make thermoelectrics materials and novel magnets and medical sector where MBN have developed novel nanoparticles with tailored magnetic response.

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