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Research & development is the center of MBN Nanomaterialia activity program aimed to the materials and processes evolution. MBN Nanomaterialia collaborates actively with industrial and academic world, favoring knowledge transferring from laboratory to the market.

Our Work Team is constituted by a group of young and dynamic specialists in the technological and scientific fields having competences in materials, chemical and mechanical engineering.

Commercial assistance and technical service is managed by qualified technical personnel able to answer to customer needs and to support them in their development activities.


1994 MBN Nanomaterialia was founded in 1994
1994-1998 Development of the proprietary production HEBM technology. Process developments of nanomaterials synthesis for industrial products.
1998-2002 Creation of a cooperation network in Italy and Europe. MBN started to sell in the market the first nano powders products (metal bond powders for diamond tools).
2003 Commercialization and market penetration in the Diamond grinding tools. Four products lines were launched and are now available: Mechanomade® series (2003), Nanoplus series (2009), All.in.one series (2013) and CL190series (2018).
2005 From 2005 Titanium based powders (T400) for plasma spraying for medical applications.
2006 From 2006 nanostructured CerMets for thermal spraying for wear resistance coatings and (2010) metal composite for Cold Spraying. In 2016-2017 acquisition of first Italian High Velocity Air Fuel plant –HVAF- and set up of MBN Thermal Spraying Lab.
2016-2017 From the early 2000 MBN has been working on the development of novel materials for emerging powder processing technologies, AM laser deposition (Manudirect) (2011), alloys for extreme applications (ODS) (2015) and metal composites for braking pads (2017).

Our divisions

MBN Nanomaterialia is the leader of a cluster of complementary companies focused on the Powder Metallurgy sector.


MBN Nanomaterialia

Nanostructured Powder manufacturing division

Production of nanostructured metal and composite powders. Powders are produced by a proprietary High Energy Ball Milling technology.


Matres Scrl

Material engineering division

Material design and project coordination of research activities for the innovation on advanced materials and processes.


Manudirect Srl

3D Micro-manufacturing division

Additive manufacturing platform technology for the realization of high precision 3D- micro objects.

The manufacturing technology used by MBN is based on a proprietary High Energy Ball Milling (HEBM) process. This process allows to produce materials characterized by an ultrafine and homogeneous chemical distribution of elements and a ”nano” crystalline structure.

Through our technology it is possible to develop a wide range of powders with unique characteristics and properties such us:
– innovative formulations not achievable by powders coming from conventional melting state synthesis processes;
– metal matrix composites and special alloys with dispersion of several elemental and alloyed materials down to nano-level;

In spite of the internal powder nanostructure, powders are under form of stable and aggregated particles with outer dimension in micron range. Therefore our nanostructured materials can be handled as traditional metal micro-powders and used by all the powder processing technologies (sintering, spraying, HIP, laser deposition, MIM).


Quality and certifications

The product quality is assured by a deep control of productive process parameters and the analytical control of produced materials. Careful selection of materials suppliers and raw materials assessment allow us to assure product reliability.

Commercial assistance and technical service is managed by qualified technical personnel able to answer to customer needs and to support them in their development activities.

MBN Nanomaterialia follows ISO9001 standard guidelines for the quality assurance of its products, and it is certified by DNV.

Ethical code

Since 2016, MBN adopted Ethical code ruled by D.L.231/2001, to assist members in understanding the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and in applying that understanding to their decisions.

Ethical code covers the following fields: codes of business ethics, codes of conduct for employees, and codes of professional practice.

An indipendent supervisory body is in charge to survey and improve organization practices.

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