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Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened alloys

Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened alloys (ODS) can offer an unrivalled resistance to high temperature, oxidation and creep resistance.

Copper based ODS alloys represent also a valuable and green alternative to Copper-Beryllium alloys with several resistance grades according to the formulation.

MBN Nanomaterialia set up the complete manufacturing line to provide, also, semi-finished products as bars and plates of Fe based ODS alloys

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PM2000 FeCrAl - Y2O3

PM2000  is a dispersion strengthened alloys  obtained by high energy ball milling (HEBM) is specifically designed for high temperature resistance applications.

Nominal Composition

Iron Fe Balance
Chromium Cr 20.0% wt.
Aluminum Al 5.5% wt.
Titanium Ti 0.5% wt.
Ittria Y2O3 0.5% wt.


Copper-Alumina composites Cu-Al2O3

Nanostructured Copper reinforced by ultrafine Aluminum oxide particles has improved yield strength and hardness thanks to grain boundary and dispersion strengthening mechanisms.
It can be supplied both for sintering and cold spraying applications in different particle size distribution It can be used for electrical components requiring high electrical conductivity and with good strength at elevated temperature

Type A

Copper Cu Balance
Alumina Al2O3 1% vol

178 HV

88 HRB

Type B

Copper Cu Balance
Alumina Al2O3 5% vol
Hardness (sintered)   240 HV
Hardness (cold spraying)   230 HV




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