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Powders for thermal & cold spraying

Innovative Nanostructured CerMets

For applications where tribological functionalities and enhanced mechanical properties of coatings are requested, innovative Nanostructured CerMets, are proposed.

A variety of WCCo powders able to avoid decarburization and innovative low density and environment friendly materials, were properly designed by MBN Nanomaterialia. Titanium and Iron-Chromium metal binders were chosen as base matrixes to substitute Cobalt and to reduce the weight of material employed to produce coatings. TiC and hard intermetallic reinforcements are proposed as WC alternative delivering high hardness and wear resistance.

To favor deposition of coatings by Cold Gas Spraying technology, powders in which chemical energy is partially stored within the material itself were developed. This leads to an “active” behavior of the materials, allowing to obtain materials showing exceptional performance after thermal treatment.

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The CGS coating delivers hardness up to 700HV. A following thermal treatment is needed to confer an enhanced wear resistance and hardness up to 1200HV

Nominal Composition

Titanium TI 23.0
Tungsten Carbide WC 77.0


Density  9.5 g/cm3
Hardness (as sprayed coating) 800 HV
Hardness (after thermal treatment) 1200 HV



TiC reinforcement is precipitated during the mechano-chemical process, leading to a very fine and homogeneous dispersion in the NiCr matrix.
It can be sprayed by HVOF and HVAF with high deposition efficiency to obtain dense coatings with excellent properties in corrosion and dry sliding wear conditions.


TiC 60 % vol
Ni80Cr20 40 % vol


Typical PSD  +10-45 µm

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