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MBN Nanomaterialia has available a Thermal Spraying Laboratory focused on HVAF -High Velocity Air-Fuel-  technology

HVAF uses a supersonic gas flow at high temperature which allow to reach very energetic spraying powder flows able to coat surfaces of objects with strong and compacted material layers. Almost all common thermal spray powders materials may be applied by HVAF.

Thermal Spraying Laboratory offers technical consulting activities in order to support its clients to identify the best solutions to increase performance of their mechanical components.TSLab is able to perform thermal spraying trials to test the limits of what is technically feasible.

Shortly, HVAF technology is characterized by:

- High spray rates and deposit efficiency;
- Lower application costs (compared to alternative technologies);
- Reduced oxidation phenomena;
- Wide range of sprayable materials: from cemented carbides to metal powders

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