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Fenix Project

Valorisation of metals recovered as by-product in the recycing of precious metals

The FENIX project is aimed at developing Future business models for the Efficient recovery of Natural and Industrial secondary resources within the scope of eXtended supply chains.

In other words, the FENIX project aims at the study of innovative circular business models and their application in dedicated pilot plants, where secondary resources such as copper, tin, iron, precious metals are used, coming from the recovery of electronic waste through hydrometallurgical processes.

The secondary resources obtained in this way, are therefore upcycled through several technological paths and made them available for the Additive Manufacturing market and in particular, available to small groups of consumers and small research groups in order to exploit their collaboration networks with other potentially larger stakeholders such as Smes.
To facilitate this stage, within the project FENIX, a machine for additive manufacturing that uses the technique of "Robocasting" able to work with high loaded metal inks, was developed.

In this context, MBN has mainly contributed to the upcycling of secondary materials, transforming them into new alloys and making them workable by the Additive Manufacturing process, to produce near net shape samples (greens) suitable to sintering treatments that allow the transformation of greens into solid objects.
With its technical developments, MBN also contributed to the assessment of the new business model identified in the FENIX project.

The Fenix project, it was funded by the European Commission in 2017 and it is now nearing completion. Further information on the FENIX project is available on the project website.


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