Hydronanopol project

Advancement in storage capability and Hydrogen kinetics of hydride storage alloys through nanocoating with multifunctional hybrid polymer

Immagine Hydronanopol project

The Hydronanopol project is addressed to the improvement of materials performance that constitute Ni-MH battery electrodes (Nickel-metal hydride) in order to substitute Ni-Cd batteries that are considered particularly dangerous from the environmental point of view.
This objective is well in line with recent European regulations addressed to ban the use of heavy elements like Cadmium.

The research efforts have been particularly focalized on the development of new nanostructured alloys to be used as negative electrode of button cells and addressed to applications which need high current densities like: power devices, small handy devices, hybrid vehicles…
The research and development activity performed, has allowed to obtain materials with a greater specific surface which lead to greater current supply capability even at low temperatures (below 0°C)


  1. VARTA Microbattery GmbH, Germany
  2. M.B.N. NANOMATERIALIA S.p.A., Italy
  3. CSGI - Consorzio Sviluppo Sistemi a Grande Interfase, Italy
  4. AGH University of Science and Technology , Poland
  5. Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung, Germany
  6. Warsaw University, Poland

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