IbD Project

Intensified by Design® for the intensification of processes involving solids handling

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The Intensified-by-Design (IbD) Project will create a holistic platform for facilitating process intensification design and optimization in processes in which solids are an intrinsic part. The project will develop and upgrade methods for the handling of solids in continuous production units based, on the one hand, in the intensification of currently existing processes and, on the other hand, through completely new approaches to the processing of solids. IbD will be the new paradigm in the intensification of processes based on statistical, analytical and risk management methodologies in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality safe and tailored chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, ceramics, etc. under intensified processes.


IbD will make a landmark advance in bridging the technological and knowledge gaps in the area of Process Intensification (PI) in processes involving solids. It will create a comprehensive devices- and processes design-platform for the industrial realisation of Process Intensification involving solids handling. It will bring to the industry an ergonomic, flexible, scalable IbD platform that performs fast reiterations of processes and device designs.

MBN's Role

MBN will be one of the case study of minerals and metals with particular focus on powder for wear resistant coatings. The IbD project will enable and intensify the post processing of the powders for their classification and online quality monitoring.

SPIRE 8 - 2015 - Grant Agreement no. 680565

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