Bearings project

Development of ball bearings for aerospace applications

Img Bearings project

The aim of the project was the development of new ball bearings able to satisfy high quality standards while subjected to great mechanical efforts.
The activity has been focused on the development of bearings used on valves that regulate pressure inside the compartment of airplanes. The early failure of these mechanical components lead to a series of concatenated problems: from the comfort of passengers and flight delays to problems on management of air traffic. Airbus estimated that monetary losses due to this cause were about 1,5 million Euro per year.
During the project we developed new alloys with high mechanical properties suitable for the body of bearing and novel materials to coat the mainly stressed areas with solutions able to show contemporaneously wear resistance and low friction coefficient.
The project has the benefit of an important partnership, like the presence of leader companies of the bearings sector (SKF) and of the production of pressuring systems (Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse).


  1. Liebherr Aerospace, France
  2. SKF Aerospace, France
  3. PBS Prvni Brnenska Strojirna, Czech Republic
  4. MBN Nanomaterialia, Italy
  5. Pyrogenesys Sa, Greece
  6. ARC Austrian Research Center, Austria
  7. BME Università di Budapest, Hungary
  8. INSA Università di Lione, France
  9. TCD Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  10. INOP Metal Forming Institute, Poland
  11. CSGI, Italy

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