Nanoplus series

Iron/phosphorus based products

Immagine Nanoplus series

Products of the Nanoplus series are Iron-based metal bonds that allow to develop diamond tools for stone and ceramic processing.
Thanks to its technology, MBN is able to obtain high performance from these matrixes, minimizing the concentration of other elements. The customer has a metal bond series with superior qualities for the respect of the environment.
Metal bonds of the Nanoplus series (not charged products) are basically Cobalt-free, Copper-free or free from other environmentally dangerous heavy elements, to reduce costs of water treatments and to favour healthy working places for workers.

Product codeNominal Composition (%w)Frequent Application Sectors
S140FeP2Fickert - Cutting Sectors
S144FeP1Cutting Sectors
S146FeP3Fickert - Cutting Sectors
S147FeP4Fickert - Cutting Sectors
S147eFeP4Cutting Sectors
S161 -high performance-FeNi2P2Fickert - Cutting Sectors