Metal Matrix and Composites

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Immagine Metal Matrix and Composites

Thanks to the possibility to promote interaction phenomena between phases (also of thermodynamically incompatible systems) and to introduce reinforcing elements finely distributed in a homogeneous way at nanoscale, MBN technology is particularly suitable to produce special metal matrixes and composites.
Those products are made by MBN as “nanostructured” powders of micrometric dimensions, which can be handled and transformed into finished and semifinished objects through common consolidation processes like sintering, extrusion, forging…
Those metal powders have performances that are generally expected by the use of free nanoparticles, more complex formulations and technologies.
MBN is able to develop metal matrixes and composite of different nature (systems based on magnesium, aluminum, titanium, copper…) for the production of components and devices that can find application on many application fields: automotive, glasses frame, sport goods, electrical contacts…
Example of materials that can be developed through this technology are:

  • Light metal matrixes: Mg-Al, Al-Mg, Ti-Al-V, Ti-Sn
  • Copper-based matrixes: Cu-Al2O3
  • Reinforced metal matrixes: Fe-Cu-Al2O3