Powders for coatings

High performance nanostructured coatings

Immagine Powders for coatings

MBN technology allows to realize products having excellent characteristics for the production of thick coatings. In particular the technique permits, through a careful adjustment of material’s composition and crystalline structure to tune properties like wear resistance, friction coefficient, hardness and substrate adhesion capabilities.
Composition of these products can be developed taking into account the desired performances, deposition process peculiarity (e.g. HVOF, APS) and customers’ working constraint.
These coatings can be realized on different metal or ceramic matrixes. For example, here following we report some variety of possible products.

  • Ceramic-metal based systems: WC-Co, WC-Co-Cr.
  • Iron-based systems: Fe-Cu- Al2O3
  • Metal-based light systems: Al-Mg-Al2O3