Polymer-based composites

Synthesis of composite systems with special properties

Immagine Polymer-based composites

MBN technology allows to generate a fine mixing of organic and inorganic phases and to originate unusual interactions that take part at their boundary, promoting composites materials characterized by stable multiphasic micro/nano structures.
Even though polymers are not alloyed in the metallurgical sense, the high energy milling treatment allows to combine the specific characteristics of the different polymers employed and to modify their final properties.
The extension of this innovative process strategy in the polymer field is recent and therefore it is susceptible of relevant further development and potentiality, as:

  • Antistatic composite systems (e.g. PA-C);
  • Fire retardant polymers (VO) without halogenated substances (e.g. nanocharged-PA);
  • Reinforced polymers for laser sintering (e.g. nanocharged PA);
  • Polymer-based nanofluids for membranes and engineered surfaces.

Those materials can find application on the textile, clothing industry, building, rapid manufactory (SLS) and plastics fields in general.