Company structure

MBN Nanomaterialia's internal organization includes a productive area, offices, and a technological laboratory, extended on a surface of 2000 sqm and employing on average 20 people. Inside these facilities both the company activities are carried out: powder production and Research & Development.

The production area is constituted by some modular plant units, which are able to work out different product typologies. The installed capacity, referred to the current materials produced, is in the order of 150 tons per year.

The production activity is performed by skilled and qualified personnel, in accordance with safety and environmental rules.

Materials are subjected to suitable synthesis and investigation routes able to assure product quality and performance reliability. A technical service is available, in order to supply information to customers concerning materials characteristics, indications about their best use and technological features.

The Research and Development activities are performed by personnel which is qualified on materials engineering, chemistry, physics and mechanics, working synergistically with the academic world through a close collaboration with the CSGI Interuniversity Consortium and other Italian and European private and public research organizations.

Product innovation is both performed thanks to the access and availability of knowledge nets, software, databases and technical-scientific investigations on materials and it is completed by their study at prototypal level.