The advantages of MBN's products are the direct consequence of the use of a solid state technological synthesis. This technology both allows to develop materials which have singular properties and furthermore to overcome troubles related to the common chemical/melted state synthesis processes; sometimes it can be used to easily solve technological obstacles.

The advantages of the use of our products differ from material to material and in relation with their specific application; nonetheless some general characteristics can be listed, like the possibility to:

  • obtain new materials with improved physical-chemical-mechanical properties, almost impossible to be replicable in other ways
  • overcome constraints connected to metallurgical synthesis processes
  • manufacture homogeneous and stable composite systems, even incompatible ones, avoiding the use of chemical additives
  • produce innovative materials that can otherwise be manufactured only using and handling sub/nanometric free particles

Furthermore, in some specific cases it is also possible to:

  • substitute expensive products with inexpensive ones
  • remove elements which are dangerous for the health and for the environment, to keep healthy working places and to respect the environment (Cobalt-free, Nickel-free and Copper-free products)
  • simplify materials management: since each powder particle contains within itself all the ingredients required for the synthesis of a product, customers can achieve the final desired composition using just a single product, avoiding the phase of mixing of different elements.